We create the world where you can meet animated characters with AR/VR technology and 3DCG!

We have developed AR/VR applications of Japanese animation such as Sword Art Online and Re: Zero and others. It provides a nice experience to meet your favorite character. We have started 3DCG creative studio in Philippines on April 2018, will make more oppotunity to meet character you like!


CS-Repo Labo inc established in April 2018 as Philippine branch of Gugenka® from CS-REPORTERS.INC that digital promotion company in Japan.
Mainly based on 3DCG creative studio of Japanese animation by VR, AR, MR production division.

Services 3DCG Designs
Digital Goods sale of Japanese animation using VR/AR/MR
Smart Phone Apps for Android/iOS
Research for cutting-edge technology
Web services and other web based systems
Number of employee Parent company: 54


CS-REPO LABO INC. : 12F Jaka Building, 6780 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1223, Philippines