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Gugenka Manila Studio (as known as CS-Repolabo) is an advanced VR/AR technology company Gugenka (Japan)’s 3DCG Studio in Manila.

The headquarters Gugenka established in 2017, initially was a specialized team of CS Reporters which developed digital goods of Japanese animation using VR/AR technology.

In 2021, the corporation name changes to Gugenka and puts more emphasis on developing and researching the latest technology to expand the real world and “gugenka”=(Japanese: embody imaginations and creations) ideal life.

Gugenka Manila Studio Company Overview
Founded April 2018
Representative President Kiral Poon
Business 3DCG Designs
Digital Goods sale of Japanese animation using VR/AR/MR
Smart Phone Apps for Android/iOS
Research for cutting-edge technology
Web services and other web based systems

Gugenka Manila Studio : 12F Jaka Building, 6780 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1223, Philippines

Company name Gugenka Inc
Representative CEO Mikami Masafumi